Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something to think about

John F Kennedy - Harvard
Lyndon B Johnson - Southwest State Teachers' College
Richard Nixon - Duke
Gerald Ford - Yale
Jimmy Carter - United States Naval Academy
Ronald Reagan - Eureka College
George H.W. Bush - Yale
Bill Clinton - Yale
George W Bush - Harvard
Barack Hussein Obama - Harvard

Of the past ten presidents of the United States all but three of them attended Ivy League schools and Duke University, alma mater of Nixon, is ranked #9 nationally, above several of the Ivy League 8.

The question I have is this.  Why do we value attendance at an elite school in a presidential candidate?  The best president since the turn of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan, attended what most would call a second tier school while Barack Obama, one of the four worst presidents in the entire history of the nation, attended elite Harvard. 

Since JFK every president except Johnson and Reagan have graduated from an elite college.  Do we like what these "best and brightest" have done with the nation?

I don't doubt that you have to be very smart to get into a school like Harvard.  However history is full of very smart men who were shaped and directed by very evil cultures (Lavrenti Beria, Albert Speer and Mao Zedong are three who come to mind).

I think that a definite pattern is visible when we consider that the nation's dire situation has been shaped by leaders who have attended the "best" schools in the nation.  And it isn't just the past ten presidents who show this pattern.  Consider men like Woodrow Wilson (Princeton and Johns Hopkins) and FDR (Harvard) and the pattern only grows more clear.

Our elite universities take some of the smartest young men and women in the nation and turn them into people who think that what the welfare state has done to the black population is a model for what should be done to the rest of the nation's people. 

Think about this the next time you hear some leftist or RINO sneer at the fact that Sarah Palin attended the University of Idaho.