Thursday, February 02, 2012

Let's turn the whole map green

fascinating animation of the progress
of concealed-carry
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I found this over on KisP and promptly ripped it off.

I note that the only out-and-out non carry state left in the union is Illinois which just happens to suffer under the most corrupt government of any state in the Union.

This is no accident.  Corrupt politicians fear an armed citizenry because an armed people is an empowered people.  It isn't that they fear than an armed mob is going to gun them down in the street.  Rather it is that politicians who regard themselves as wolves and the public as a great mass of sheep put on this earth to be preyed upon instinctively realize that people who are willing to take responsibility for their own safety from criminal predation will be far less likely to accept political predation.

Understand that by corruption I don't just mean the bribe and kickback cash under the table kind.  I also mean the steal your liberty and your money left-wing progressive kind.  This is why you will find Illinois' runner ups for next most corrupt are also the may issue-states