Friday, February 03, 2012

Tonight's Music

A kick-ass song about quarks written by a hot redhead while she was drunk.

In what universe would I not love this.

The static from your arms, it is a catalyst
You're a chemical that burns, there is nothing like this
It's the purest element, but it's so volatile
An equation heaven sent, and you'll forever inject

Hydrogen in our veins, it cannot hold itself, my blood is boiling
And the pressure in our bodies, that echoes up above, it is exploding
And our particles that burn, it is all because they yearn for each other
And although we stick together, it seems that we are stranging one another

Feel it on me love, feel it on me love, feel it on me love
See it on me love, see it on me love, see it on me love

An atom to atom, oh can you feel it on me love
A pattern to pattern, oh can you see it on me love
Atom to atom oh, what's the matter with me love

Strangeness and Charm