Saturday, March 03, 2012

Andrew Breitbart RIP

When I heard of Mr. Breitbart's passing I was on the road in another state listening to Glen Beck on the radio.  I didn't want to believe that someone who had accomplished so much to further the conservative cause could have left us at such a young age.

But we must face facts, however unpleasant.

Andrew Breitbart was a giant in conservative media.  His achievements are too numerous to list however the way in which he worked with James O'Keefe to publicist the way in which ACORN was willing to work with a pimp to set up a sex slave operation involving thirteen-year-old illegal alien girls has to be his magnum opus.

Like a great many people my first thought upon hearing of his death was to wonder if George Soros had an alibi for the time.  But it seems that it was natural causes.  Of course an autopsy is being performed and if Soros can be nailed for it he will be.

Mr. Breitbart will be keenly missed, however his work at Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Peace, Big Journalism and and BreitbartTV will assuredly go on.