Thursday, March 15, 2012

True feminism

Fay Voshell reminds her sisters that there are more important things for women who are genuinely concerned about women's rights (as opposed as simply using women's rights as a smokescreen to advance the progressive agenda) to worry about than repealing the First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty in order to force a church to buy their birth control pills.

All over the world, women and children are being trafficked for sex; women and girls are being subjected to genital mutilation; unborn girls are the victims of sex-selective abortions and female infanticide; and women are subjected to the horrifying strictures and consequences of sharia law.  This is to say nothing of the women who are enslaved by the demeaning and destructive practice of polygamy or the women of the world who are without clean water and food for themselves and their children.

The thing is that all of those outrages against women and girls (with the exception of infant girls being killed by sex-selective abortions - but infant girls still in the womb aren't really "girls" so it doesn't matter - are taking place in other nations.  Well there is some sex-slave trafficking going on in the US but the left doesn't seem to care much about that (see ACORN Sting).

But mostly all the really bad anti-woman stuff is going on in other nations.  Female genital mutilation is mostly a North African and Egyptian custom which is linked to Islam so condemning it would involve making a judgement about another culture and that is strictly verboten to a good multiculturalist.  The same applies to criticism of sharia law.  Since radical Islam is at war with the United States it is seen as some kind of natural ally by members of the radical left - including feminists.

Most feminists (as the term is defined today rather than the past) would point to their support for the United Nations as proof that they really care about women and children getting clean water and adequate food, but a look at what the UN really does in Third World nations makes that a hard case to make.

Now on the issue of polygamy if a Mormon gains the GOP nomination then I expect that American feminists will rediscover their outrage at the concept of plural marriage so long as it can be used to tar Gov. Romney.

The truth is that modern American feminists are nothing more than a component of the progressive-left liberal establishment and they exist to serve the left-liberal agenda.  They care nothing about the real issues facing women in the world unless those issues can be twisted in some way to advance the interests of the left.

It is time that women woke up and realized this.