Sunday, May 20, 2012

This is what we're up against

A high school student vs. a black teacher with a double digit IQ who will tolerate no "disrespect" of Obama.


SALISBURY - The teacher at the center of a controversy over a classroom video has now been suspended with pay, according to the Rowan Salisbury School System.

Tonya Dixon-Neely teaches Social Studies at North Rowan High.  She is heard on the video telling a student that he could get arrested for being critical of President Obama, and that people were arrested for being critical of President Bush.

"Effective today, Tanya Dixon-Neely has been suspended with pay while a thorough investigation is being conducted," school officials told WBTV when asked about Dixon-Neely's status.

So the teacher gets a paid vacation while the school puts its head together with the teacher's union and figures out how to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Meanwhile Ms. Dixon-Neely will probably wind up as a delegate to the DNC convention in Charlotte.

I hate to land on this woman too hard because she is obviously a genuine half-wit.  However someone who is borderline retarded should not be teaching in a public school.

How she was able to graduate from college and become a certified teacher is explainable only by affirmative action and the fact that our so-called schools of education are really just indoctrination centers for left-wing activists.

It is a fact, not a debatable opinion but a statistical fact, that in any university which has a teacher's school that the IQ distribution of that university will have the bottom third clustered in the education department (in colleges which offer a journalism major the bottom third of the IQ's will be in that department - two facts which explain much).

It is impossible to educate someone to a higher intellectual level than you occupy yourself.  The fact that so many of the nation's teachers have room temperature IQ's (like the unfortunate Ms. Dixon-Neely) is one half of the reason why the US lags behind every other developed nation in test scores.  The other half of why we do so poorly in educating our children is evenly divided between single-parent families and school administrators in thrall to political correctness.

Update II:
It must be pointed out that it is only because of YouTube, conservative websites and talk radio that even this much has been done.  The first reaction of the school was to circle the wagons and issue some meaningless statement about how everyone ought to respect each other and how this was a "teaching moment".

To all of my fellow conservative bloggers out there, don't lose heart.  We do make a difference.