Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush's Speech

I'm listening to the president's speech (a Hillbilly White Trash live blogging event!) and I think he's doing a good job. The man is not a natural communicator, but he is making his case well. There's nothing in what he's saying that will be new to someone who reads blogs and/or listens to talk radio (unless the blog you are reading is dailykos and the talk radio is Air America) but most people are not reading blogs and listening to talk radio. This is sometimes hard to remember for those of us who are online and tuned in. People tell us about this new thing that they just heard about and we have known about it for the past three days.

Bush's main points seem to be:

  1. The pre war intelligence on WMD was wrong, but the entire world believed it.
  2. Even so the decision to invade Iraq was correct because Saddam was evil and supported terrorism and destabilized the region.
  3. Even if you didn't agree with the decision to invade Iraq we are there now and it would be a disaster to leave before the job is finished.
  4. We are winning.

Nothing there that a reasonable person can disagree with. This will not stop Democrats from disagreeing, however. As I noted in another post they have carved out a position for themselves in which an American victory is a defeat for them.