Sunday, December 18, 2005

A "Gay" Movie I Would See

I have no objection to going to see a movie about homosexuals as long as it is entertaining. As I said before Brokeback Mountain is a chick flick, only without any chicks. This excludes most straight men from the audience; not because we hate gays, but because nothing about the concept interests us enough to go the the theater and plunk down our money. Now here is an idea for a movie about a gay man with broad appeal.

Mike is a former Special Forces assassin/torture expert who left the service after violating Don't Ask/Don't Tell and moved to San Francisco and became a PI. One night he and his transvestite lover, who we'll call Jack, are attacked by animal rights activists and Jack's fur coat is doused with red paint. Jack is so upset by this he overdoses on his antidepressant prescription and dies. Mike is driven over the edge by this and begins to hunt down and kill (in interesting and photogenic ways) members of wacko animal rights groups. One evening while "working on" a young actress who posed nude in an anti-fur ad she breaks and spills the beans. The whole animal rights movement, along with the environmental, anti-war and a host of other seemingly unrelated causes are really not about animals or war or pollution. They are actually about attacking the prosperity and freedom of the United States from a multitude of different directions. The ultimate goal is to convert America to Europe style socialism. This sets Mike off in a new direction as he starts "taking out" leading members of the liberal elite. The movie ends with Mike taking a leading liberal to his basement "workshop" and giving him a real reason to scream, and scream, and scream. . .