Monday, January 23, 2006

Anheuser Busch

Check this out. Budweiser isn't much of a beer, taste wise, but Anheuser Busch is one of the best corporate citizens out there.

Reading that reminded me of something that happened in 1986. I was in Washington DC for the July 4th holiday. I stopped to watch one of the many parades moving down DC streets. As I watched the high school marching bands and other assorted groups march by each got polite applause from the crowd. Then I heard wild applause and cheering from down the street. As the clapping and cheering got closer I finally saw what people were reacting to. It was Vietnam veterans that people were cheering. I swear I almost lost it right there. It had taken over 10 years but they were finally getting what they deserved the day they got off the plane from that hell hole.

Thank God that the average American is giving the Iraq veterans the respect and gratitude that they deserve. All except for the lunatic fringe Michael Moore-Daily Kos-Howard Dean left (otherwise known as the Democrat Party base) that is.

And for you active duty and vets who may have your feelings hurt by being disrespected by this trash - don't let it get you down. You are simply being given the chance to serve your country again. This time by letting the Party of Treason prove just how out of the mainstream that they are. Every time they insult you they drive another nail into their own coffin.

Revel in their insults for they only damn themselves.