Monday, January 23, 2006


Girl Genius and Jethro (who is insane, but not stupid) found out from DNA Mad Scientist that the sea monsters were manmade. They have dedicated themselves to finding out the identity of the mysterious corporation that is behind it all. The Operative found out the fact that DNA Mad Scientist broke security and closed out her health record. Jethro's wife is divorcing him.

In a moment of temporary sanity Opie realized that the creatures were dangerous and placed a radio tag on Nimrod so that he could lead the authorities to the school. This worked, but when the posse tried to shoot the little Nimrods they got a nasty surprise. It seems that it isn't a good idea to shoot at an animal that heals itself instantly. The Nimrods attacked the people and much carnage ensued. Opie sensed what was going on through his telepathic link with the creatures and went to the scene and stopped the bloodshed. He then led the Nimrods off into the water. So he seems to have become the Nimrod messiah.

Only two episodes left and we are promised that all the questions will be answered.