Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Justice Samuel Alito

Sam Alito was confirmed in his appoint to the Supreme Court by a vote of the full Senate this morning.

To the moonbats of the left who opposed him I have this to say. Have the courage of your convictions. The ONLY way for you to properly show your rage at what has been done to you is to soak yourself with gasoline and strike a match. Do this in public and the whole world will know just what kind of person you are!

To the Republicans on the right who tried to have a cow over the principled opposition to Harriet Miers (a good person, but unqualified to be a SCOTUS justice) I have this to say. Aren't you ashamed of yourself now? To the guy at Little Green Lizards or Big Footballs or whatever it was who was predicting the end of the Republican Party if we all didn't get behind Miers and push don't you just want to withdraw from the public eye and hope nobody remembers what a fool you made of yourself? And the same goes for Hugh Hewitt and Instapunk and all the others. The next time Bush gets a Supreme Court pick don't shoot off your gob. You'll just look even more stupid.