Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not Surprised

I've been seeing newspaper headlines the past couple of days calling the results of the elections in Gaza things like "a political earthquake" and an "enormous surprise" which is "shaking the region". This is a load of crap. The results are not surprising and may be very good news. What happened was that murdering terrorist organization Hamas unseated murdering terrorist organization Fatah. The only difference between these murdering terrorist organizations is that Fatah was willing to lie in the English language press and pretend to be committed to the "peace process" with Israel.

Our own Dear Leader took time out from packing his rectum with Vaseline in preparation for his next date with Vicente Fox to reassure us that the Palestinian people want "peace". I agree with him. It's just that the Palestinian definition of "peace" is, "that condition which will come about after the last filthy Jew has been shot through the head and kicked into a mass grave".

The truth (and the reason why the Hamas victory may be good news) is that the Palestinian people do not want "peace". What they as a people want is the destruction of Israel and the murder of the Jewish people. They have gone to the polls and voted for this. No longer can the Palestinian leaders and their sycophants in the West (like al-Reuters, al-CNN, al-AP, al-BBC, al-CBS, the al-Democrat Party and so on) claim that the terrorism directed against Jews is the work of a group of fringe lunatics and not representative of the Palestinian people as a whole.

The Palestinian people have installed a government whose stated policy is the destruction of Israel through the tactic of violent terrorism. This should finally drive a stake through the heart of the sham "peace process" and free Israel up to do what must be done to secure real peace in the region. What "must be done"? Israel must recognize that it is in a war and act accordingly. The way you gain peace when you're involved in a war is to defeat the enemy. You fight them until they realize that they can't win and give up. It is just that simple.

The true nature of the Palestinian people was clear to anyone with an IQ in the double-digits when they took to the streets in mass to dance with glee after Sept. 11. Their decision to turn over their government to Hamas makes it that much harder to pretend otherwise.