Saturday, January 28, 2006

Range Report

Today's trip to the range was mostly uneventful. I shot my Browning P-35 (Hi-Power). It will be ready to send to the gunsmith after just one or two more shooting sessions. My marksmanship continues to improve. It is surprising how much better I shoot at the end of a range session that at the beginning. Constant practice is the way to go. I continue to shoot bullseye targets at 20 to 25 yards and keep everything in the black. I also continue to be amazed at those people who shoot at full sized silhouette targets at seven yards and get groups that you couldn't cover with a serving platter.

What do people think that they're doing? Anything that you can hit at 25 yards you can hit at 7, but the reverse is not true. 7 yard shooting is valuable only for speed drills where you are drawing and scoring center mass hits against a clock.

Another thing I noticed on the range was an example of really stupid behavior. This group of people was shooting a few lanes down from me. One of their cell phones rings and this idiot takes his ear muffs off to answer it right on the firing line. I was the only person in the range other than this guy and his friends so I held my fire along with them. Because of my electronic ear protectors I was able to hear both sides of his conversation so I got to hear him tell his son what a moron he was because he washed the family pickup truck first (instead of the car). I started shooting again when he got off the phone, but I noticed that the whole group would take off their muffs and talk to each other. I just went on shooting. If they didn't care about their hearing why should I have?