Monday, February 13, 2006

24 tonight!

Less than two hours remain until tonight's episode of 24. We are told that Kim will be making an appearance tonight. This means nothing to me. The actress is hot, but the character is useless. It will, however, make certain fans very happy.

What interests me is the possibility that an entire shopping mall full of Americans might be gassed.


I have owned more than one surplus gas mask and none of them transmitted the wearer's voice as well as the masks worn by both the terrorists and the CTU team.

I have been taught that nerve gas kills on skin contact. In fact I have heard that even the smallest droplet on the skin is fatal without treatment. And what is this business about "weaponized nerve gas"? Is there a benign civilian nerve gas?

Tonight's death toll is between 14 and 24.

The previews for next week show orders beign given to take Jack into custody. No season would be complete without Jack "going rogue" and having orders put out to arrest him. Before the episode is over he will be reinstated. However someone at CTU will be charged with treason for helping him. My guess as to who will be S4GF (season 4 girl friend).


Still no Kim. Fine with me.