Sunday, February 12, 2006

John McCain is evil, part IV

Over at Power Line Paul Mirengoff writes the following:

. . .while I have tremendous respect for McCain the chances that I would vote for him in a Republican primary are poor. However, I certainly would expect to vote for him if he were the Republican nominee.

Mr. Mirengoff is filled up to the nose holes with smarts, but I have to differ with him on this one. A McCain presidency would do enormous damage to the Republican Party. It would be every bit as disastrous, if in a slightly different way, as a Lincoln Chaffee administration.

McCain is a political coward. Back home he talks like a conservative and in Washington he has his lips firmly planted on the backside of the leftist mainstream media. He routinely tailors his message to his audience; taking whatever position he needs to at the moment to pander to whoever he is speaking to. In this respect he is EXACTLY like Bill Clinton.

McCain is a political whore. He routinely stabs his fellow Republicans in the back in order to garner favor with the left-wing press. There is no Republican core position that he will not sell out to get face time on NBC or CNN.

McCain is a blood enemy of fundamentally important American freedoms. His campaign finance law gutted the First Amendment and his "F" rating from Gun Owners of America proves his hostility to the Second. John McCain has done more to harm American liberty than Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Osama bin Laden combined.

McCain is mentally unstable. Apparently his experiences as a POW left him psychically damaged and prone to outbursts of uncontrollable rage. This is not a fatal flaw in a senator, but could be tragic in a president.

It would be deeply immoral to vote for a Democrat in 2008 . There are other choices, however. Either the Constitution Party or the Libertarians would be acceptable protest votes. I know that would hand the White House to the Party of Treason but that is preferable to seeing the Republican Party shatter itself irreparably on the alter of "Anybody But Hillary".