Saturday, February 18, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

What in bloody hell is the hull plating of a battlestar made out of? Multiple nuclear detonations at contact distance and they are not only still there, but still fighting.

Lee Adama is banging Dee. After the hell that the Chief and Boomer caught. . .

Starbuck continues to prove that outside of a cockpit or a mission planning session she is pretty much useless. I would have added being in a gunfight to the things she does well, until she managed to shoot Apollo.

Less than 50000 humans left in the universe (as far as they know) and it is only now occurring to them that abortion on demand might not be a good idea.

If Baltar was any more of a weasel he would do every scene with a bloody chicken carcass in his mouth (apologies to the author, that one was just too good not to steal).

Less than a month after being promoted to major Apollo is again promoted to commander and given the Pegasus. I would like to have seen Col. Tigh's face when he realized that Lee was now his superior.

In a stand up one-on-one fight a battlestar can kick a base star's ass. Big time.

Battlestar's mount some fracking big guns up front. Very cool.


Apollo and Dee are going to have a hard time getting one-on-one time now that they are stationed on different ships. Of course they are no longer in the same chain of command so their relationship might not be against regulations.

Other than the fighter craft that they carry the main armament of a base star seems to be missiles while a battlestar is armed with rail guns. I think that this is why battlestars are able to defeat base stars in a stand up fight. Missiles are slow moving compared with rail gun projectiles (which leave the rails moving at a high fraction of the speed of light). Missiles are large; rail gun rounds are not. Missiles present a large radar return while rail gun projectiles do not. All of these things combine to make missiles somewhat easy to intercept while rail gun rounds are not.

Rail guns also fire faster than missile tubes can be reloaded. The battlestar gets more hits and does more damage.