Friday, February 17, 2006

If it's not one damn thing its another

Iran Focus:

Tehran, Iran. Feb. 17 – Chinese economic cooperation with Iran has de-fanged the threat of possible international economic sanctions against Tehran over its suspected nuclear weapons development, a semi-official daily which represents the views of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote in its Saturday editorial.

The editorial, entitled “an Empty Drum” and signed by publisher Hossein Shariatmadari, a close confidante of Ayatollah Khamenei, said that the decision by Beijing to sign up to a 100 billion dollar oil deal with Tehran had far more political significance that it did economic.

It went on to describe the threat of UN action against Tehran over its nuclear program as “empty”.

It is clear that the PRC desires a nuclear Iran. This is because China is attempting to revive the Japanese dream of a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere except with Beijing in charge instead of Tokyo. China believes that an Iran armed with atomic weapons will hold American interference in the Middle East at bay. This coupled with Beijing's naval build up, including its acquisition of Kelo class submarines from Russia, will allow them to assert sovereignty over Taiwan and the Spratley Islands.

In this scenario Japan will be to China what Finland was to the Soviet Union and the South Pacific will be a Chinese lake. The problem with this thinking is that Iran will not be content to be a Chinese satellite. In the mind of a radical Islamist anyone who is not Muslim is the enemy. They are perfectly willing to play one enemy off against another, as they took American help against the USSR, but in the end all agreements with "infidels" are temporary.

There is absolutely no chance, none whatsoever, that an Iran with atomic warheads and an effective delivery system, will not attack Israel. The Chinese do not believe this. They are used to spouting Marxist rhetoric as an empty justification for their totalitarian power. They are incapable of imagining that the Iranian tyrants are using Islam for any other purpose.

Israel knows this and the United States knows this as well. There is no chance that either of those nations will allow Iran to go online with a nuclear bomb. Iran's nuclear program is so dispersed and hardened that only troops on the ground can uproot it. If Iran does not stop of its own free will it will have to be conquered and occupied.

Israel can accomplish this, but at the cost of the entire Middle East exploding. America is aware of this and so it will do the job itself. The Middle East will still explode, but it will be the difference between a handgrenade and a hydrogen bomb.

China dreams of Asian hegemony. Their miscalculation in aligning themselves with Islamofascists could leave them instead with American military stationed on their border and an uncertain oil supply.

It is interesting, however, that even people as gone into full blown psychotic delusion as the Iranian Mullas have grasped the complete uselessness of the United Nations in a way that continues to elude the US Department of State.