Saturday, February 18, 2006

Europe Awakens?

Victor Davis Hasnon has wrote a piece for Real Clear Politics about the apparent awakening of Europe to the danger posed by Islamofascism. The whole thing is here. What I want to draw your attention to is what I consider to be the money quote:

More importantly, despite distancing themselves from the United States, and spreading cash liberally around, the Europeans are beginning to fathom that the radical Islamists still hate them even more than they do the Americans — as if the fundamentalists add disdain for perceived European weakness in addition to the usual generic hatred of all things Western.


Islamic fundamentalists hate anyone who is not another Islamic fundamentalist. When an "infidel" is strong they hate him, but also fear and respect him and do not make him angry. When an "infidel" is weak he is hated and destroyed or enslaved. If Europe comes to understand this and act upon that understanding by joining the US in its war on terror fundamentalist Islam as a political/military force will be crushed like an ant that wandered into the path of an elephant.