Saturday, February 18, 2006

John McCain is evil, part V

While we are hating RINO John McCain (R-The Media) let's not forget to hate his detestable little hand puppet Lindsay Graham (R-John McCain). You know that wretched phony-baloney cornpone lickspittle that follows McCain so closely that if McCain were to stop suddenly it would take a proctologist to separate them.

Graham willingly acts as McCain's butt boy in the hopes that he will be McCain's vice president. What he forgets is that the only thing that we can depend on about McCain is that he is a betrayer. If he had been alive 2000 years ago he would have fought Judas Iscariot to the death for those thirty pieces of silver. When and if McCain gets the Republican nomination he will defecate on Graham just like he does on every other Republican. The difference is that Graham will probably enjoy it.