Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Latest on the "Christian" Peacemaker Teams

From The American Thinker:

Out of the closet with hypocrisy intact

The distortions, the self deceptions and yes the lies surrounding the misnamed Christian Peacekeeper Teams’ hostages continues.

Fears that Iraqi captors might harm a Canadian hostage if they knew he was gay forced his partner to remain silent as loved ones called for an end to the ordeal, a director from the freed hostage’s aid group said Monday.

During his four months of captivity, James Loney’s sexuality was kept out of the media at the request of his family, said Doug Pritchard, co-director of the aid group Christian Peacemaker Teams.

‘’It’s a sad fact that around the world gays and lesbians are more vulnerable to attack than straights,’’ Pritchard said. ‘’When Jim was already in a vulnerable position we didn’t, nor did his family, want him exposed to further danger.’‘

And in some parts of the world, Mr. Pritchard, especially where your teams plop themselves to demonstrate their hatred for America and their love for the natives, homosexuals are really “more vulnerable to attack than straights.” In Iraq, for instance, they have more than attacks to fear.

In 2001, Amnesty International reported that Iraq’s constitution was amended to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Although the constitution reverted back to the original 1969 document when Saddam Hussein’s regime was toppled in 2003, the status of gay and lesbian rights remain unclear.

Given the rather prudent behavior of Loney’s family, the status of these rights is quite clear. Oh the hypocrisy of these non peace keepers! Ethel C. Fenig 3 28 06

Is there a stronger word than contempt? These people are so far beneath contempt that they would need the Hale Telescope to catch a glimpse of it.

I mean what do you do when there are literally no words in the language to express the depth of loathing that you feel for someone or something?

These wretched, ungrateful, treasonous, vile excuses for human beings. These towering poltroons. . . These LIBERALS.