Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sold Out!

From The Washington Times:

House Majority Leader John A. Boehner refused yesterday to rule out compromising with the Senate to expand the House border security bill to include a guest-worker program or provisions that opponents call "amnesty."

"Let's wait and see what the Senate can produce," he told reporters yesterday when asked whether House Republicans would reject the Senate Judiciary Committee's proposal to allow the estimated 12 million illegal aliens now in the U.S. to seek citizenship after paying a fine.

I guess this means that the fix is in. Our government is (once again) going to sell us out. I wish I could say that I was surprised.

America is being colonized by hostile aliens who retain loyalty to their nation and culture of origin. At the same time as they flock here to work because of the zero opportunity offered by the corrupt socialist economy of their homeland they despise our culture and language. If they gain legal status and then citizenship does anyone doubt that they will use their franchise to turn the United States into the same kind of socialist cesspool that Mexico is?


Here is an interesting website with information about what the illegal aliens think of us. Go have a look.