Monday, March 27, 2006

A little light reading

It is nice to be able to bring a little light-hearted news to your attention.

From The Conservative Voice:

Events in recent months have shown that France is in the process of
committing national suicide.

The latest round of French violence centers on a law that would
allow French businesses to fire young workers within the first two years of employment without providing a reason. Current French employment law makes it prohibitively difficult for companies to terminate workers.

The high rate of youth unemployment was cited as a contributing factor to the Muslim riots in France last year. Given that unemployment among French young people stands at 23% with rates much higher for impoverished youth, the law is designed to open the door for greater opportunities for the young and inexperienced.

French youth don’t see it that way. They see the law as stripping away a “right” (permanent employment) to which they are “entitled.” This is, of course, all tied to the French system of cradle-to-grave socialism.

The problem is that in a world economy, neither France nor any other single nation makes the rules and the current rules of the global economy do not allow for non-competitive economies to win. The French economy is stagnant and the French are losing in the game of world economics. No amount of marching, rioting or burning of cars will change that.

Everyone who has any sympathy for France or its worthless socialist youth raise your hand.

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Oh well.