Friday, April 21, 2006

Partners in Peace

From Captain's Quarters:

The Hamas government of the Palestinian Authority underscored
its terrorist nature
by placing one of the more notorious terrorists in charge of its new Islamist security forces. Jamal Abu Samhadana, whose track record includes the murder of US Marines in Gaza during a diplomatic mission, will create and command the new force. . .


In case anyone doubted the nature of this regime, Hamas has just made it clear. They will recast the Palestinian protostate into an Islamist rogue nation, complete with Islamofascist terrorists as an arm of government oppression and aggression. The selection of Samhadana has to be seen as a deliberate slap at the West,
especially the US. However, the Hamas embrace for Islamist terror confirms everything that the US has claimed about the new Palestinian government. It also provides yet another diplomatic embarrassment for Russia, if they even have the capability of experiencing shame any longer.

I could act upset about this and huff around in an outraged fashion, but I'm not Sean Hannity and I am not upset. The fact is I'm glad. Hamas is an evil murdering terrorist organization, always has been and always will be.

The fact is bad would have been Hamas appointing some kind of phony-baloney "moderate" to the post. That way all of their brain-dead enablers in Europe and American college campuses and the State Department could have said, "see they've changed we need to open the money spigot again".

At least now the mask is off. No one with the brains God gave a corn dog* can now claim that there is any desire on the part of Hamas to peacefully coexist with Israel.

We are now free to move forward without the encumbrance of illusion.

BTY, Russia has not had the ability to feel shame since 1917.

* To those linking in from San Francisco. A corn dog is not some kind of sexual aid. It is a frankfurter on a stick dipped in a batter of corn meal and then deep fried. Large numbers of them are consumed at carnivals in real (that is Red State) America.