Friday, April 21, 2006

Saying the obvious

Misha posts his take on the latest Ann Coulter column in which she commits the horrible sin of telling the truth. Amazing isn't it how common sense affects moonbats the way holy water affects vampires.

Ann makes the point, which Misha seconds, that actions have consequences.

Natalie Holloway got drunk in a bar in another country and left with a person or persons that she could have known for, at most, a few days. Her body may never be found.

Some years ago a teenage boy (nice kid, good grades, well thought of, church member) wanted money to buy a truck. He approached an adult man that he knew to be involved in the building trade. He asked the man if he could get a job on one of his construction sites. The adult offered the teenager money for sex. The teenager agreed (it was only once, it didn't make him gay or anything and he really wanted that truck). The man was John Wayne Gasey. The body of the teenager was found buried under Gasey's house with nearly 30 others.

Acting like an idiot can have a very high price tag. It is no sin to point out to our children that some kinds of behavior can make you an accessory before the fact to your own murder.