Monday, May 22, 2006

24 5/22/2006

Well its over for another year.

This is semi-live blogging as I'm running to the computer to type during commercials.

Shutting down the Dosai and his priors turned out to be easy and was over with before the first commercial break I had a feeling that part of the storyline would be resolved quickly.

I want to learn to break someone's neck that way.

I wasn't expecting Jack to murder Robocop in cold blood (silly me), but seriously I thought he would be needed to move the story along well into the second hour.

I wonder if the young petty officer will play into the "Jack must disappear" conclusion since he witnessed Jack shoot Robocop and knows that he wasn't armed.

Chloe has an ex husband! I really thought she was a virgin until the first episode of this season. I guess we'll have to think up another reason for the way she has been since season 1.

I can't believe that Mary Todd Weasel is going to sleep with the Weasel. I guess she can "close her eyes and think of England".

I'm surprised he lasted long enough to let Jack get in place.

I've got it figured out! Jack was never going to kill the Weasel. The whole thing was a trick to get a gimicked cell phone to the Weasel.

Weasel is now bugged 24/7. When he talks to the Bluetooth Mafia it will all be recorded by Chloe! Brilliant!

Ok that's it he confessed. Of course there are nearly 20 minutes left so we probably won't get to see Chloe handing off the recording for a few more minutes.

I wonder if Mary Todd Weasel knew that Weasel was bugged.

BTY, he didn't do a very good job of searching her. Really it was more of a "feel-up" than a search. The actor who plays Logan has done a good job this season I guess this was his reward.

NOT a gimicked cell phone! The old microtransmitter in the Mont Blanc trick. I should have known.

Mary Todd Weasel was in on it! This is even better than shooting him with Red Foreman's gun.

Well there we are. Jack and Audry together and so in love.

A call from Kim. As Dr. Who said, "Just this once a happy ending!". But no. She will be calling to tell him that she is being held hostage by the Bluetooth Mafia.

No, Kim isn't calling. Now Jack is hostage.

Col. McQueen and Julie Meyers are having a moment. If they kiss I'm going to heave. Oh, he asked her out [shudder].

Is it the Bluetooth Mafia? Will they bring Jack before them to taunt him? Don't they know what happens to people who taunt Jack Bauer?

NO its the frakking RED CHINESE!!

They're so screwed! Communism is dead in Red China now, they have pissed off Jack Bauer.

Next Season of 24 will feature WWIII!