Monday, May 22, 2006

Anybody want to get creeped out?

I found this blog while checking out my sitemeter.

Hello! My name is John Clennon, and I am a pedophile.

Since I was a very young boy, I've had quite the affinity for people younger than myself. I played with them, I laughed and smiled with them, I even preferred their company over others. It wasn't until i'd reached puberty that I discovered I am attracted to little girls in a sexual way, and I hadn't come to accept it until much later.

I look forward to seeing where this blog may take us, and I appreciate you coming here. The title, "At Our Expense", is intended for those of us like me who do no harm but have lived their lives with an unaccepted sexual orientation. Be it zoophilia, necrophilia, coprophagia, diaper fetish, pedophilia, or whatever, please let us in on your adventures/experiences.

Now where did I put the FBI's phone number?

Oh, by the way John. You had better not go anywhere near Missouri. I know a couple of hillbilly women there who would make you look like you have been through a blender if you got within 10 miles of their little girls.