Saturday, May 20, 2006

Chimney Rock Village

This is the village of Chimney Rock in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It is about 11 miles from where I live.

This is the geographical feature from which the town and the park draws its name.

I swear it reminds me of something besides a chimney, but I can't put my finger on what.

There is a hiking trail along the face of the mountain. Part if is is through the woods and part of it is along the bare rock.

Part of the movie Last of the Mohicans was filmed here.

Hickory Nut Falls.

Note, these pictures were taken on different days.

Here is a long shot for perspective.

At the foot of the mountain is the Rocky Broad River (to set it apart from the Broad River, the Second Broad River and the French Broad River).

The first explorers through there weren't very creative.

There is a nature walkway that runs along the river. You get to it by going down this stairway.

Of course not many have the courage to make the attempt.

The village is located on Hwy 64/74-A which has been designated as the Blue Star Memorial Highway. During WWII President Roosevelt drove through here on his way between Rutherfordton and Asheville. The schools brought their children out to see him drive by. The kids were taught by their teachers to make the "V for Victory" sign to show their support for the war, the troops and the Commander-in-Chief.

When I was a child the shops in the village were full of the cheapest kind of tourist junk. A few years ago the corporation that owns all the land and leases the buildings to the store owners decided to go a bit more upscale.

Restaurants, art, clothing,Native American crafts and jewelry made from locally mined minerals are the dominant themes.

You can even get a thong bathing suit here. Not that you'll see anyone wearing one at the local lake.

They do sell the official t-shirt of the Hillbilly Ecosystem.

Bubba is the dog. In case you were wwondering.

No place like the village would be complete without an ice cream parlor.

And bears carved with a chainsaw.

I think that this has gotten long enough so we'll continue the tour later. I'm thinking that I'll go up to the actual park and snap some pictures from the rock. The view is magnificent.