Saturday, May 20, 2006

We got us another hillbilly!

We have one more hillbilly joining up.

James Foley at No Amnesty - Got It?

Here's what he has to say about himself:

I am from Michigan and would love to join up with your group. I have never been a city boy. The house I live in has been the family home for over 50 years now and is still in the country. I am a Vietnam vet, a patriot, becoming active in Republican politics as a precinct delegate, helping to identify and weed out the pro-amnesty candidates on the local scene. Blogging about the Republicrats in the senate and pandering politicians as I find them.

Beth over at the other new member blog Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind asks this question:

For those of you who find it almost compulsive to rant and rave on your blogs about how this country is in danger and how you disagree with everything our-note the word our government handles issues-exactly what are you doing, besides bitching?

Well, James showes us how it's done.