Monday, September 11, 2006

A 9/11 rememberance from the Old World

Paul Belien, editor of The Brussels Journal posts his 9/11 recollection:

Five years ago the world changed. We were still living in Antwerp’s city center at the time and I flew the American flag from the balcony as a token of solidarity. Less than two hours later we thought it wise to take the flag in again, because immigrant youths from around the corner expressed their hostility, pointing out that they regarded flying the stars and stripes as a provocation. While we mourn the victims of 9/11 today, I am certain that in a number of European inner cities and banlieus this anniversary will be celebrated. The Economist recently wrote that referring to Europe as “Eurabia” is an exaggeration, but since 9/11 2001 I know it is a reality.

In its own way this is as sad as any of the tributes to the 9/11 dead which are being posted today.

The loss of Europe, and Europe is surely lost, to the savagery of Islam is a tragedy of titanic proportions.

To most of us Americans one or the 0ther nation of Europe is the "mother country". To see them fall to the soft jihad of immigration and the Muslim birthrate is enough to make one weep.