Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another treasonous CIA leak

Michelle Malkin has something interesting today:

The Wall Street Journal calls on the Bush Administration to declassify the National Intelligence Estimate, which leakers blabbed about to the NY Times and Washington Post. I think it's a good idea . . .

There is also a good roundup of commentary on the issue.

I agree that the entire document should be released. This is just the latest episode in the CIA's covert war to bring down the Bush Administration. The entrenched federal bureaucrats at the Agency, which was founded under a Democrat administration and packed with partisan Democrats who have perpetuated the partisan nature of the organization down through the years, are deeply hostile to President Bush. They should not be allowed to release a portion of an intelligence estimate carefully cherry picked to create a false impression.

This hostility is founded on three things:

One, pure partisan politics. They are Democrats and they resent the fact that their ultimate boss is a Republican.

Two, resentment of Mr. Bush's proactive foreign policy and use of military force. The Agency likes to prepare intelligence estimates which take the middle road and tell the intended recipient what they want to hear. For example, during the entire post-WWII Cold War the CIA's estimates of the future of the USSR were that its internal economic and political difficulties would cause its collapse in about 50 years. The number was ALWAYS 50 years. Right up to the bitter end. The CIA knew that American politicians and people wanted to hear that the USSR was doomed and the American way was best, but the end for the communists was always in the next generation so that no one at the Agency would still be around to be held accountable for a wrong estimate. The CIA does not like its work product to be used to affect policy in real time. The chance that they could be made to look incompetent and even foolish is too great. Just think of the Iraqi WMD snafu.

Three, the financial interests of CIA employees predispose them to work for Democrat majorities because they know that their change for a pay raise is better with them. The Democrats are, have been and probably always will be in the pocket of the labor unions and the biggest and most powerful union is the Federal Employees Union.