Monday, October 30, 2006

The Fire Spreads

From The Brussels Journal:

These past few days, there have been some «small fires» – small indeed – in the Brussels area, but today the fire brigade was lured into an ambush in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. There were no casualties, but apparently we'll have to see a few dead before it will be possible to reflect seriously on what is really going on in Brussels. The authorities did not want to confirm a connection to the fires in Paris, but did not dare to deny it either.
The ones setting the fires are young Muslim men, although you won't hear that mentioned in the European press.

I am on record here as saying that Europe is lost and I stand by that, however I do see one chance for them that I did not see even a few weeks ago.

There is a chance that the Muslims will overplay their hand and scare the average European citizens badly enough to make them ignore their media, academic and political elites and elect politicians who will actually DO something effective to solve the problem while it still can be solved.

Right now there are three kinds of European politician. One is the average leftist Euro-elite who thinks that everything is just fine, except maybe for the fact that Europe isn't politically correct enough. Another is the sort who has his head about halfway out of the sand (or his ass, if you prefer) and knows that Europe has a problem. However he is still a leftist so he thinks that the problem is to encourage Muslims to assimilate through some kind of government program. The last kind is fully awake and aware of exactly what is going on and is willing to do what must be done, which is to kick out every Middle Eastern or North African Muslim immigrant or child of immigrants who isn't already so assimilated that he couldn't even give you directions to the nearest mosque.

Europe's elites in the media, government and the academy welcome the first kind of politician for he is truly one of them. The second type is viewed with some suspicion. He is suspected of racism for thinking that anything at all is wrong with the immigrant population but he will be tolerated as long as he makes clear that his goal is to make more Muslims even more welcome through government programs. The last kind is greeted with undisguised hatred by the elites. He will be vilfied as a neo-Nazi and his sanity will be questioned. The immigrant community will also be very likely to murder him (or her).

It is very hard for the average citizen to ignore the virtually unanimous verdict of his culture's opinion makers and vote for a canidate who he is assured is a clinically insane Hitler wannabe. A great many Americans have learned that the best way to know which canidate in a political race is the best for the nation is to watch who the newspapers, TV news, Hollywood and college professors like and vote for his opponant. If enough Europeans learn it to Europe has a chance.

I wouldn't bet on it, however.