Monday, October 30, 2006

The Left's big problem

Harry R. Jackson, Jr opens his essay on how the mainstream media has chosen sides and is acting as an arm of the DNC with this bit of analysis of the current political situaiton:

Over the last ten years, I have noticed that the pace of political races has changed. These “mini-wars” are strategically managed, media driven, and extremely well-financed. As the political stakes have risen to enormous proportions, the win-at-all-costs mentality has forced its way into the political arena. Republicans stand to lose the political control they have enjoyed for the last few years. Ironically, though, the party with the most to lose in this election is the democrats. This is a must win election.

If the Democrats do not gain significant traction in this mid-term election, they will be deemed so nationally impotent that no form of political Viagra will help them in 2008.

After all, they do not have a unifying doctrine or theme except for being against the war. Unfortunately for them, their anti-war statements are not backed up with clear plans. Beyond the important issue of how and when we bring our boys home, they don’t have much to say. Democratic solutions to the immigration crisis, the
health care gap, the energy crisis, and America’s long term global competition problem seem to be muddled, ill formed, and without a clear internal party consensus.

He is correct. If we examine history we will see that normally in an election happening in the sixth year of a presidential administration the other party will win an average of 37 seats in the House alone. If the Democrats do not win at least that many it will be a major defeat for them even if they wind up in control of the House.

Of course if they wind up with a 1-5 seat majority in the House they will celebrate and run around doing the Snoopy Dance and claiming that this is the beginning of the end for the Republican Party, but it will be an act.

They know that something is seriously wrong. Republicans have disappointed and angered their base. The Republican president has made a major misstep with his support for amnesty for illegal aliens and a good many conservatives have not regained all the respect that they lost for him over the Harriet Meiers debacle.

These things plus a war which the Mainstream Media has twisted itself into pretzel shapes in order to report as a lost cause should give the Democrats an even bigger seat gain this year than the average. It should be another post-Watergate massacre of Republicans. But it isn't going to be.

As things stand right now the internal polling of both parties show that the Senate remains in Republican hands and the best the Democrats can do in the House is a 3 seat majority, and the trends in the House are going in the direction of Republicans retaining control there as well.

Smart Democrats know that they have lost the nation. The problem is that they can't really do anything about it. The Democrats have no hope of winning without the support of every last one of the special interest groups which make up their coalition. If just 20% of the nations Black people who vote were to switch to the Republican Party the Democrats would have no hope of ever winning the White House and would not even be able to elect enough Senators to sustain a filibuster, and the House -- no way.

The same thing could be said about the Democrat's other constituencies. And to compound the problem for the Dems some of their component groups have interests which conflict with other of their component groups. For example, the NEA (the teacher's union) has a vested interest in keeping the public schools just like they are right now. Black people, on the other hand, want their children to receive good educations. There is a fundamental conflict here and the Democrats are powerless to resolve it because they can not do without either group.

The only way that Democrats have been able to keep both Blacks and the NEA in their tent is by convincing the average Black that a vicious genocidal racism hides just a millimeter below the surface of the American culture and that the only thing standing between them and the re-legalization of slavery are the stalwart heroes of the Democrat Party.

This cannot last. Blacks are casting off the chains of Democrat control and beginning to think for themselves. Black Republicans are running for office and White Republicans are eager to support them. It won't happen overnight. If fact it won't happen in this generation but it will happen.

Democrats know this and are desperate. This is why they are working for amnesty for illegal aliens. This is why they are working to give felons the right to vote. And speaking of this how long will it be before Democrats decide that they aren't happy just letting felons who have served their sentences vote and want to bring voting booths into the prisons?

The clock is ticking for the Jackass. They have a chance to gain control of the House while a Republican president who favors opening our southern border sits in the Oval office and a small group of RINO traitors holds the balance of power in the Senate. If they manage to gain even a tiny majority in the House they will ram open borders legislation down the nation's throat.

At least that's the plan. It might not work for them. The American public is awake to the threat of uncontrolled immigration. Even a Democrat majority in the House might not be enough to overcome the public's objections. Remember the HillaryCare fiasco which handed the Republicans control of the legislature.

The best course of action is not to even give them the chance. So get out and vote.