Sunday, November 19, 2006

What "The Left" wants

Also from The Brussels Journal:

A quote from The Irish Independent, 13 November 2006

Amnesty International, which is campaigning against the death penalty is, however, increasingly moving towards a position of supporting globalised abortion. The Catholic Church – which has opposed the death penalty since the 1940s (Pius XII was vehemently against it) – has stated that it will have to withdraw support for Amnesty if this measure goes ahead. In Britain, too, Anglican Bishops have simultaneously opposed the death penalty, while conceding that doctors may be moved to kill off disabled babies. Here again is a strange paradox in matters of life and death. Wrong to execute a convicted tyrant: right to extinguish an innocent new-born.

This is not difficult to understand when you grasp what the political left is at heart.

Every person's mind is an aggregate of differing emotions, drives, wants, needs, loves and hates. Every last one of us has some self-destructive component of his psyche. For most of us it manifests itself as something relatively mild like smoking, overeating or driving too fast. For others it is more powerful and shows itself in alcoholism or compulsive gambling or extreme risk taking. In a few it is so overwhelming that it leads to outright suicide.

A society has, in a sense, a mind of its own which is an aggregate of all the various people who make it up. In the Western "mind" the political left is the part of the collective psyche which manifests the self-destructive impulse.

To them the policy or attitude or cause which is most likely to lead to cultural suicide is always the preferred one. Thus protecting the lives of the horribly guilty and allowing the slaughter of the innocent are equally important and there is no perceived contradiction because both policies lead to cultural death.

In order for the leftist to properly live out the impulse to cultural suicide he or she must manifest a form of extreme moral leprosy in which the normal human reaction of shock, revulsion and outrage to moral evils like abortion, infanticide and euthanasia are not just deadened but are actually stood on their head and become approval!

This explains nearly every position taken by the left on every issue in every sphere of life from the moral to the political to the religious to the social. Whatever most likely leads to cultural death seems the right and natural path to the leftist.

I don't know if this explains everything about the left but I think it is a good starting point. I would be grateful for any input my readers would care to offer.