Thursday, December 28, 2006

A new Blog Joines Up!

Great news! Scooter, Peace Moonbeam's hapless sidekick, has started his own blog, The Scooter Report.

Scooter has a raw and edgy style which is untamed by any of the social graces and/or intelligence which Peace sometimes brings to her writing.

If you like Peace Moonbeam you'll love Scooter so go over and check him out. Here's a sample:

Now its time to get down and talk about serious stuff. I cant think of anything more serious than how President Bush has ruined this country. I couldnt sleep very good last night so I got up and made a list of 10 reasons he needs to be arrested and possibly tortured:

1. Hes HORRABLE with words and says stupid things.

2. He tried to drown all my black bruthas and sistas in New Orleens by having the army mess up the levys. He knew they couldnt swim worth a damn.

3. Just because some of our Muslim bruthas flew some planes into buildings he went to war and has killed about a billion of them. Also hes stoled pretty much all the oil from Iraq - rumor has it the white house basement and Cheneys garage is full of the stuff.

4. Global warming. Enough said about that.

5. He made his daughters snobs. I tried to grope one of them at a club last year and was hit by secret service men hired by George Bush. The daughter said nothing in my defence.

6. Im still working on this one

7. Im still working on this one

8. Im still working on this one

9. He looks stupid

10. I hate him.