Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The price of amnesty

I posted about the coming push to bring about an amnesty for illegal aliens which is coming now that Democrats are in control of the House and Senate yesterday. I said that the temper tantrum which was thrown by the "Reagan Democrats" where they threw the Republicans out for abandoning their conservative principles could well turn out to be very expensive indeed.

Patrick Kelly left a comment which was summed up with this statement:

". . .when it comes time to vote between two screw ups, the only realistic option is to vote against the ones in power, and hope they both learn something from it."

I want to be as clear here as humanly possible. This issue, amnesty and open borders, is not just another issue to be hashed out in the give and take of politics.

This is not like a tax increase or a minimum wage hike or some other mere "bad idea" which can be corrected with the next election. The decision to grant amnesty and fast track citizenship to the 20 to 30 million illegal, mostly Mexican, aliens is as significant in its own way as the decision of the German people to make the Nazi Party the largest party in the German legislature. When the Nazis gained a plurality of seats in the legislature it made Hitler's elevation to Chancellor a virtual certainty and once Hitler held that power he would not surrender it until he lay dead and Germany lay in ruins under foreign occupation.

I am not saying that the Democrats or the Mexicans are Nazis. What I am saying is that the changes which will be brought to America by amnesty are of the same magnitude as the changes that the Nazis brought to Germany.

If the United States gains 20 to 30 million new citizens who will overwhelmingly vote for the most left-wing Democrats that they can find will bring about an irreversible change in the character of the nation.

If you like the European Union in all its hyper-bureaucratic, non-democratic, high tax, economically stagnant, decaying and ultimately doomed socialist glory then you will love the new America which the political left, freed from any worry of ever losing control of congress or the White House ever again, will build.

This is not hyperbole. Let me repeat. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE. This is what will happen if amnesty/open borders becomes law.

Even if the Republicans win a massive victory in 2008 it will not matter. Citizenship once granted cannot be revoked without a constitutional amendment, which would have to be ratified by state governments newly dominated by newly legal Mexicans.

All is not lost - yet. Remember how HilleryCare could not make it past a Democrat congress? A massive outcry from the public could sink this.

Let us pray that it does.