Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Asheville Vortex

According to the New Age Movement devotees who fill Asheville to the overflowing there is an energy vortex located in the mountains north of the city. Some believe that the energy is a kind of earth energy caused by crystal formations in the mountains which happen to be located at the intersection of several "lay-lines". This intersection of forces is said to generate a great fountain of energy called a vortex.

Psychics, New Age acolytes, Wiccans and others who feel themselves to be in tune with a higher spiritual plane have long claimed that there is a special ambiance in the Asheville area. The Asheville Vortex is invoked to explain this otherworldly energy which seems to charge the atmosphere (for those sensitive enough to notice it).

Now there are some who believe that the vortex is an extraterrestrial cosmic energy which is attracted to the WNC mountains because of the unique crystalline lattice which undergirds the mountains. In this view the crystals act as a lens for the cosmic forces focusing them on the Asheville area.

Whatever the cause of the vortex Asheville's "alternate spirituality" community agree that the energy which spills out of the vortex is a source of both inner peace and spiritual power. Because of the vortex it is easier to find enlightenment in the Asheville area and those who practice magic find their powers magnified in the area.

This is also thought to be the reason for paranormal phenomena such as ghosts and cryptozoological oddities like Bigfoot being frequently reported in the Asheville area.

This makes Asheville one of a select few area in the country like Mt. Shasta in California and Sedona in Arizona which is held to be a place of great paranormal or spiritual power.

Now you may ask how I feel about all of this.

Well I tend to think that the New Agers tend to like living in Asheville because of its beautiful scenery, mild climate and low cost of living (your rent or mortgage payment plus utilities plus property taxes, plus food plus automobile expenses in Asheville will be less than your rent alone in Manhattan). The cosmopolitan nature of the city, which feels more like Greenwich Village than a small Southern town is also a major draw. Add in the low unemployment rate (3.5% last time I looked) and the friendly attitude of the natives and you have a place which is a very attractive destination for those looking for a good place to live.

Since people tend to see what they want to see those whose worldview predisposes them to look for spiritual energies and otherworldly forces hiding behind every tree and peering out from under every rock will find them. In other words the vortex is a good excuse for finding Asheville a fine place to live or vacation in for those who need a little something extra in the realm of New Age spirituality.