Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hey look! Another false church!

From The Washington Post:

Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are leading an effort to forge dozens of small and medium-size, black and white Baptist organizations into a robust coalition that would serve as a counterweight to the conservative Southern Baptist Convention.

The giant SBC, with more than 16 million members, has long dominated the political, theological and social landscape among Baptists, often spawning resentment among smaller Baptist groups. It has also been closely aligned with the Republican Party.

The new coalition, which is Carter's brainchild, would give moderate Baptists a stronger collective voice and could provide Democrats with greater entree into the Baptist community. But Carter and other organizers are trying to walk a fine line, insisting that the alliance is not directly political while touting its potential to recast the role of religion in the public square.

Any organization which joins a religious movement led by the rabid anti-Semite which Carter has revealed himself to be and the pathological liar and adulterer which Clinton has proven himself to be has no right calling itself "Christian".

This new "Baptist" coalition says that it isn't going to be political [Lemuel stops and laughs out loud for 45 minutes]; so what will they be involving themselves with?

"We're not against any other group of people of faith," he said. "We're against the fact that 100,000 people died last month of malaria. We're against the fact that hundreds of thousands of Africans face starvation each year."

OK, then I expect to see you wearing out the carpet in the House and Senate office buildings as you go from office to office demanding that EPA rules banning DDT be revoked and that we begin spraying it wherever malaria is a problem to control the mosquito population.

Then I expect you to start programs to teach Africans the benefits of free market capitalism, which out of all the economic and political systems that have ever existed in the history of the earth is the one which can produce the most wealth for the most people. And I expect them to warn the Africans to avoid socialism like the plague because it is a lie wrapped in a deception and served up with a heaping side order of misery and oppression.

When they begin to do these things I will consider taking them seriously as Christians who want to help people rather than just another group of squalid little leftists seeking to deceive the gullible by wrapping themselves in the mantle of a religion which they fail to understand let alone live up to.