Friday, February 23, 2007

Here is the next attempt to get us to accept amnesty

Slimy Dick Morris is riding his immigration reform mule again:

A revolution is underway among America’s Latino population that will have profound implications for the future of American politics. Of the 41.3 million Hispanics in the United States today, 37 percent identify themselves as “born-again” or “evangelical.” Just 10 years ago, the proportion that did so was about 15 percent. All told, there are now about 11 million Evangelical Protestant and 3 million Evangelical or Charismatic Catholic Latinos in the United States. In 1996, there were only 4 million.

This explosive growth in Evangelical religious affiliation among Latinos — about 1 million converts annually — portends huge changes for American politics. With the Latino population swelling from 22 million in 1990 to 41 million in 2004, any change of these proportions in the beliefs of Hispanic-Americans will have a momentous impact on politics.

Evangelicals, of any race or ethnicity, are fertile ground for Republicans and may provide a huge opening to swing the formerly Democratic Hispanic vote toward a more even-handed stance or even make it a core element of an emerging Republican majority.

I recently met with Rev. Sam Rodriquez, the leader of the national association of Evangelical Latino churches. He’s a Republican dream: pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and a Bush voter. He notes that the growing religious faith and the increase in Evangelical enrollment — particularly in the Pentecostal Church — may presage a sea change in Hispanic political affiliations.

I guess that Morris has despaired of convincing religious conservatives that they should just shut up and vote for Rudy. Now he is attempting to convince us that the illegal Mexican peasants are really wannabe Republicans because some of them are converting to Christianity.

First off let me welcome my Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ to the faith and urge them to read the 13th chapter of the Book of Romans. After this I'm sure that they will comply with the Lord's command to obey secular law and return to Mexico to await legal entry into this country.

Next I would remind Morris that a person's economic status has more to do with his political affiliation than his profession of faith. The fact is that Democrats are always going to pay more for votes than Republicans and unless the average wetback suddenly gets a college degree and a middle class job they're not going to start voting Republican no matter where they go to church.

The most likely outcome of this trend, if it continues, is a change in the Democrat Party's stance on abortion. This will be amusing to watch as the new Latino block battles for domination of the Democrat Party with the old guard of the Marxist/feminist/labor axis.

Morris then goes on to say:

It is pure folly to say that we will force 11 million people back across the border in order to obtain legal entry. Such a forced population movement would be unparalleled in American history and would be reminiscent of German-Polish-Russian forced migrations during the years right before, during, and after World War II.

Notice the change in rhetoric. Before it was flatly impossible to move that many people out of the country. Not impossible politically, but physically impossible. Now the possibility of moving that many people is acknowledged but doing so would make us Nazis or Stalinists.

Let me give Mr. Morris a lesson in morality. Moving a large number of people from one place to another place is a morally neutral act. The good or bad of it comes from the identity of the people being moved, the reason they are being moved and the destination they are being sent to.

The Germans moved innocent Jews to extermination camps for the purpose of committing genocide. The Russians moved innocent people who desired freedom behind the Iron Curtain in order to enslave them and moved national populations around inside the Soviet Union in order to divorce them from their ethnic, national and religious roots in order to make them less likely to rebel against the evil oppression of Communism.

These movements of large numbers of people were done by evil people for evil reasons therefore they were evil.

The movement of millions of Jews from all parts of the world to the nation of Israel so that thy might build a Jewish nation where Jewish people can live as Jews is a good thing. Loading large numbers of New Orleans residents onto school buses and moving them out of the path of hurricane Katrina would have been a good thing.

Moving millions of alien criminals out of the United States where they have no right to be and where they are doing far more harm than good back to their homeland where they have every right to be and where they have the potential of doing far more good than harm (by becoming involved in the Mexican political process and reforming their nation so that it no is longer a poverty stricken hell-hole which people seek to flee from) would be a GOOD THING.

But as good as rounding them all up and moving them home in mass would be there is a better and cheaper way.

Cut off all social welfare benifits for them except for emergency medical care (which would be followed up by a free trip back to Mexico) and land like the proverbial wrath of God upon those businesses who hire them and when they see that there is no possibility of making a living in the US they will deport themselves back to Mexico. Or maybe they'll try their luck in Canada, which is actively seeking immigrants. Either way it won't be America's problem any more.