Saturday, February 24, 2007

The MSM's controlled demolition of McCain continues

In years past taking the op-ed pieces written by The New York Times Maureen Dowd apart and demonstrating how poorly written they were and how inferior the thinking process was which created them was a cottage industry in the blogosphere. In fact this was done with several of the Times' "star" writers. It got so bad for them that their pool of "star talent" was becoming a liability.

Given that the Times is run by socialists they responded not by dumping the duds and replacing them with writers whose work would not be so easy to eviscerate but by hiding their work behind a pay-per-view firewall. This has generally worked since few people are willing to shell out one thin dime to read the tortured prose of blockheads like Paul Krugman.

However I noticed in this morning's digest of Times headlines that Maureen Dowd's latest piece has this tag line:

There’s one huge group that John McCain is not pandering to: Americans.

I have no idea what she has to say about this because I am one of those who has far better uses for my money than paying the Times for the privilege of reading the brain-farts of cretins like MoDO. You know like giving it to the first piss-bum I see so he can buy another bottle of Thunderbird.

However the fact that MoDo is apparently being critical of John McCain is another example of something I predicted here. The MSM is getting ready to destroy McCain. He was useful to them when he was out trashing other Republicans but now that he is attempting to gain the Republican nomination and keep Hillary out of the White House he must be ruined.

Now I'm sure that whatever effort that Dowd makes to take McCain down will be as confused and semi-literate as anything else she writes, but the fact that she is making the effort is what is significant.

If you hate McCain as much as any right thinking conservative who loves his country and has a hope of heaven should the next year is going to be fun.