Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too late for Europe? Probably.

In a post on today's Front Page Magazine Fjordman discusses the fact that there are signs that the European public may be waking up to the danger imposed by unassimilated Muslim immigrants making up ever higher percentages of their nations' populations. But then he makes these observations about the current leadership in Europe:

So, what to do next? What are we waiting for? For some decent leader to step forward, perhaps? Well, where is he, or she? During the appeasement of the late 1930s, Churchill was already there, ready to step in when called for. The problem is, I just can't see anyone of his stature now. Tony Blair? Apart from the Iraq war, absolutely everything he has done related to Islam, both in the UK and abroad, has been wrong. In some ways, he is a worse appeaser than Chamberlain ever was. I doubt Gordon Brown will be better. Chirac is a corrupt crook, de Villepain is a pompous, Eurabian clown with a Napoleon complex, Sarkozy isn't too bad, but not good enough, and France is in too much trouble of her own to do anything for the rest of Europe. Besides, it was France who created Eurabia in the first place. Count them out. Spain has forgotten everything of her past and has Zapatero, an appeasing Socialist weasel, as PM, brought to power by al-Qaeda. Italy recently ousted their right-wing government in favor of a Leftist, super-Eurocrat, Romano Prodi, as PM, and Communist ministers who want open doors for Muslims from North Africa to enter. Which actually leaves Germany's Angela Merkel as the least bad leader among the larger nations. But Ms. Merkel is no Thatcher, and certainly not a Churchill. Her support for the awful EU Constitution should be enough to discount her as a potential leader of a de-Eurabization of Europe. The only Western European leader in power with something resembling a spine is Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Denmark, but Denmark is too small to lead this. I hope we are waiting for a Churchill to step forward, but I sometimes fear we are waiting for Godot.

I believe that he is correct. In order for Europe to get the leadership which it needs to escape the trap which it finds itself its people will have to be willing to go to the polls and vote for candidates who their elites - in the academy, the entertainment industry, the news media, the church (what there still is of it), the labor unions, and government - tell them are racist, xenophobic, intolerant, stupid and fascist.

I frankly don't see the Europeans doing that. Not in large enough numbers to make a difference any way. The European "man in the street" is too addicted to various government subsidies to give them up for individualistic free-market capitalism. Europeans are also unlikely to embrace the kind of belief in serious Christianity which is the only thing that can counter the certitude offered by fundamentalist Islam (well Judaism could do it too, but does anyone see Europe converting any time soon).

There is a great deal to this article than the paragraph I quoted, go and read the rest.