Friday, June 22, 2007

Good news, except they don't really mean it

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Scores of illegal immigrants, including a man wanted for murder and a convicted child molester, were arrested in Southern California raids this week, U.S. authorities said on Friday.

I guess they were murdering the people American murderers won't kill and molesting the children American pedophiles won't molest.

The sweeps in Orange County, south of Los Angeles, were part of an operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting "criminal aliens" -- defined as people in the country illegally who have also committed other crimes.

Of the 175 people arrested, 27 are criminal aliens and another 26 are "immigration fugitives" who had ignored deportation orders by a judge.

The raids were part of larger crackdown on immigration fugitives, which this year has resulted in the first ever decline in their number, to 632,189, according to an agency spokeswoman.

Good for you ICE. Except that this is all window dressing designed to fool the American people into thinking that there is a real will in Washington to do something about our porous borders and the alien criminals running wild in our society.

If there was any real will to do anything at all about these problems, other than make them worse, the amnesty/open borders bill currently before the Senate would give the government more than 24 hours to perform a background check on an alien criminal applying for a Z Visa. If there was any real will to do anything about these problems there would not be a provision in the bill which allows illegal aliens who belong to criminal gangs, like the vicious MS-13, to receive amnesty and a Z Visa if they simply sign a statement that they renounce gang activity.


The current raids which you are reading about are nothing more than Washington smoke and mirrors to make you think that the government gives a damn. When the bill is either passed and signed by the President or decisively defeated and shelved, at least until after the 2008 election, the raids will stop.

Bank on it!