Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's set the stage for WW IV!

NRO covers one of the Breck Girl's speeches:

Did you know the solutions to the climate crisis and poverty in Africa are one and the same? Just one word. Are you listening? Biofuels.

“America gets off its addiction to oil,” he posits. “We move toward biofuels. The Europeans follow. The Japanese follow. The result is, all of a sudden, [oil-rich Middle Eastern] countries have no choice. They have to develop. They have to economically develop. They have to educate their kids. The price of oil goes down. They have to politically reform. All of a sudden, the world is a safer, more secure place.”

All of a sudden. “So what happens when America moves from oil to biofuels? Well, in the United States of America, we have the land mass, we have the farms [in places like, say, Iowa], to develop these biofuels. The Europeans do not. Neither do the Japanese. So all of a sudden, they need land. Where are they likely to go? Africa. And all of a sudden, millions of children in Africa, because of the move from oil to biofuels, are lifted out of poverty.”

This is just what the world needs. European Great Powers looking for lebensraum except that in this case it will be Africa rather than Central and Eastern Europe that sees the annexation. And all the while Japan is to be rebuilding the co-prosperity sphere, except also in Africa.

Does this empty-headed twit; this shining tower of ignorance; this glittering jewel of abject stupidity have any fraking clue whatsoever what he is trying to set up?

This moron is attempting to recreate the tensions which led to both World Wars!

If you're one of the moonbats who think that the carnage of Iraq is too horrible to contemplate try to wrap your mind around the bloodbath which will come about if Europeans and Japanese start fighting among themselves again? Especially if they manage to bring the United States into the conflict?

Let me clue you into some cold hard facts. The Arabs we are fighting now are incapable, due to their culture and religion, of truly participating in the modern world, including modern warfare. The average Arab soldier or terrorist can just about manage to master the basics of an AK-47 (a rifle designed by the Soviet military to be issued to peasant recruits whose previous experience of technology was the horse-drawn plow). They can also learn the workings of the RPG (designed by the same Soviet military for the same peasant recruits) and, with some training, learn to plant a landmine and throw a hand grenade. But this is about all.

When fighting opponents of this caliber the Western nations militaries limit, foolishly in my view, the shear amount of pure living hell that they rain down upon them. This is due to a misguided sense of fairness or compassion. But when Western nations like Germany, France, the USA or Westernized Asian nations like Japan fight each other the gloves come off.

Think about the Battle of Britain or Berlin bombed to rubble or the napalming and then atomic bombing of Japan's wood and paper cities by the US Army Air Force. Think about the Blitz overrunning Poland in a month. Think about the death toll at Normandy and Iwo Jima and Corregidor and Bastogne. That's what happens when modern technically advanced nations fight each other.

You may respond that democratic nations do not war with each other, and you would be mostly right. But look closely at what the European Union is becoming. It isn't democratic. Look at what Russia is becoming. That's not democratic. China? Never been democratic. Maybe the Japanese will stay good guys, but what will they do when the overseas possessions that their economy depends upon are threatened by European, Russian or Chinese bad guys?

I repeat. World Wars One and Two were started by nations looking for land and natural resources. Africa is even more primitive and dysfunctional than the Middle East. Turning it into the next Great Power battlefield is not the way to help the Africans or anyone else.