Monday, June 25, 2007

Fair and balanced!

The New York Times likes to claim that it covers the news in a fair and balanced way without letting any bias felt by the reporter or editor creep into the way a story is covered. Here is a picture of some people who support amnesty for illegal aliens which appeared in the Times:

Here is the picture the Times used to illustrate amnesty opponents:

Let's see. Salt-of-the-earth families looking upward as though beseeching heaven itself for nothing more than simple justice vs. some snaggletooth hillbilly retard out in front of his trailer. And the ultimate proof (from the New York Times point of view) that this is a mental-defective, racist neo-Nazi is the fact that he is displaying an American flag.

Ace of Spades has the full story with more pictures. Go over and read it if you want to laugh hard enough to burst an internal organ.

H/T: KisP