Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cheney will be in control

From The Washington Post:

Vice President Cheney will assume the presidency on an acting basis today when President Bush undergoes general anesthesia for a routine colon examination, the White House said yesterday.

Bush will transfer powers under the 25th Amendment, which permits the president to voluntarily hand over authority when he is unable to perform his duties. The White House said Cheney will probably be in charge for about 2 1/2 hours while Bush recovers from the effects of the sedative.

Remember the other day when I pointed out that to be a good Muslim you have to simultaneously believe that bin Laden is a hero for bringing down the WTC and that it was an inside job or the work of the Joooos?

Well to be a good left-wing moonbat you must simultaneously believe that the best thing that could happen for the nation is for George W Bush to have a reaction to the anesthesia and die on the table and that the worst thing that could happen to the nation would be for Bush to die and make the satanically evil Dick Cheney the president.