Saturday, July 21, 2007

First the DDT ban and now this

From The Scotsman:

CONSUMER resistance to the idea of genetically modified foods must be overcome if there is be a solution to the growing problem of food inflation, scientists have said.

Horror stories about the dangers of so-called "Frankenstein foods" prompted a backlash in the UK against the use of more intensive farming technology.

But with the price of staple goods - including milk, cereals and vegetables - soaring well above inflation, a growing number of experts are concluding that consumers will soon have to choose between expensive food and cheaper GM.

Every once in a while you come across something that makes you more glad than usual that you aren't an idiot. Genetically modified foods produce more abundant harvest, resist insects better, tolerate soil of poorer quality and need less chemical fertilizer. This means farmers need to use less insecticide and fertilizer which can run off and contaminate local human water supplies and affect wildlife.

It also means that more food can be grown on less land and cost less money so that the world's people, especially children, will receive better nutrition. In addition to this genetically modified foods can prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies by providing those elements in diets which are otherwise lacking in them. One genetically modified food crop, the so-called yellow rice, can prevent millions of children in the Third World from going blind every year because it has been modified to contain vitamin A in sufficient quantities.

The reason that yellow rice isn't being used today is that idiot moron brain-dead moonbats have convinced the governments of the nations which need it the most that it is some kind of attempt by evil capitalists to poison their children.

There is literally no death too painful for these creatures who are willing to blind children in order to uphold their stupid socialist hatred of free market capitalism. And make no mistake about their motives. The leaders in the movement to oppose genetically modified foods are nothing more than old fashioned Reds who are using global warming or opposition to "frankenfoods" or concern for endangered species as a substitute to discredited Marxist ideas as a weapon against the West.

As for the rank and file moonbats who actually believe the propaganda that genetically modified foods will cause birth defects or mutations or whatever idiocy they are currently spouting all I can say is that to believe something which runs so counter to all fact and logic requires a deliberate choice to remain ignorant. The motivation for this willful and conscious denial of truth is rooted in a desire to appear "caring and enlightened" in the eyes of their moonbat companions and they are willing to gain this boost to their self esteem at the cost of blinding children.

You can not beat such people hard enough. You can not heat the furnace into which you throw them, alive and screaming, hot enough.