Saturday, July 21, 2007

Somebody trying to close out Cindy's health record?

This was up on Free Republic:

Anti-American activist Cindy Sheehan has reportedly claimed an attempt was made on her life after her controversial appearance in Charlotte, N.C., last week.

In a posting on Action Center for Justice blog, Sheehan allegedly wrote:

In Charlotte, NC, the car that I was riding in that has "Peace Mom vs. Pelosi" had a flat tire when we were going down I-40 toward an interview. Later, when we were having the tire repaired, we found out that it had been cut. We think that's attempted murder.

Sheehan canceled her appearance at the Charlotte rally when she arrived and found that a sizable counter-protest by the Gathering of Eagles was allowed by the police to be held near her rally. Even though the two sides were peaceful, Sheehan later accused the police of not protecting her. She also accused the Eagles, a group comprised mainly of Vietnam veterans, of having a history of assaulting women and children.

Sheehan, who gained notoriety by staging a campout in Crawford, Tx., two summers ago that led to her becoming the reputed face of the antiwar movement, has been having public tantrums and wild mood swings in which she has forsaken public life, the Democratic party and the antiwar movement only to return after a brief respite to lead an antiwar campaign and announce a prospective run for public office against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

IF someone did slash the moonbat's tires it would more likely have been a Democrat who is mad at her for badmouthing the Democrat leadership and threatening to run against San Fran Nan.

After all she is a gift to Republicans which just seems to keep on giving. Why would any of us want to see her dead where she would become a "martyr to peace" [retch]?

Republicans would much rather have her out there alive and speaking out where she can make the moonbat left look like, well, the moonbat left.