Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lazy night

I had a wretched day today. In the Southeast we are in the grip of the great August heatwave. This always happens sometime in August and represents the last furnace blast of summer. That it is happening in early August rather than late August spilling over into September is a sign that we are due for an early fall with cool temperatures arriving in mid September.

Of course this doesn't mean that in another week when the high 90 to low 100 degree temperatures break that we will have no more hot weather. Sometime in early September there will be one more warm spell, called Indian Summer, which if we are lucky will coincide with the Labor Day holiday.

But because I have been out in the viciously hot weather all day I feel rather drained and not much in the mood to do much original thinking and posting. To that end I offer you these links which came in to me by email.

The first is from 1389 Blog and asks us to be on the lookout for certain unusual happenings. To the end of building a database of such things which may help us spot possibly significant patterns. I think that this is a worthwhile endeavor and urge all to take part.

The next thing I want to draw your attention to is a link sent by a left-wing seminar commenter* which takes us to an article on a Catholic website which tells us that Christians were better off under Saddam. I point out to all of you who don't already know that outside of "life issues" like abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research the Roman Catholic Church is as left-wing as the dailykos.

If you want to evaluate the "rightness" of a cause - on anything other than the aforementioned "life issues" - the opposition of the Catholic Church is an almost infallible indication of its moral correctness.

Now go check these out while I relax with a light crisp lager and a glass of 12-year-old Scotch.

*Left-Wing Seminar Commenter - Just as talk radio has seminar callers who pretend to be conservatives who have been pushed over the edge by the evil Bu$Hitler, conservative blogs have seminar commenters who pretend to be down-to-earth conservatives who just can no longer support ChimpyMcHaliburtonStein's policy on Iraq or the environment or whatever. In reality these people are leftist moonbats who are trying to sell the idea of some kind of meltdown in the Republican ranks. Signs that you are dealing with such a creature are, among others, pointing to not only Clinton but Carter as the "right kind of president", and attempts to draw you into some kind of politically incorrect outburst by asking you what you think of all the "faggs in Asheville". Beings like this are best ignored.