Monday, September 10, 2007

If I don't like to press fraking one for English

Imagine how I feel about this:

CORAL GABLES, Fla., Sept. 9 -- The first presidential forum to be conducted in Spanish placed a couple of the Democratic participants in an uncomfortable position Sunday night: answering tough questions while simultaneously fiddling to make sure their earpieces didn't fall out and they could the hear the translation of the next question.

Those questions dealt with a range of issues of interest to Latino voters, from health-care policy to relations with Latin America.

Several questions focused on immigration, and the seven participants exhibited little difference on the issue, with all supporting changes that would allow illegal immigrants now in the country to stay and eventually receive U.S. citizenship, and all criticizing anti-immigrant sentiments. Nearly all the candidates committed to overhauling immigration laws in their first year in office, days after Republican candidates accused each other in a debate of supporting "amnesty."

In order to vote in a presidential election in this country you must be a citizen. To be a citizen you either have to be born here, in which case you learn English from immersion in the surrounding culture, or you have to be naturalized. To become a naturalized citizen you have to receive instruction in and pass a test about American history and civics. The test is in English. To pass the test you must comprehend English.

So what is the purpose of conducting a friggin' presidential debate in any other language than English?

All the fence-sitters out there pay attention. This is who the Democrat Party considers to be their future - illegal aliens (along with the felons whose voting rights the Democrats are working overtime to restore).

This is who the Left is pandering to and this is whose interests they would remake the country in order to serve. Yes a small number of Republicans fought to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, but they were joined by almost every Democrat.

Ask yourself, who do you trust with the future of the nation?