Saturday, October 20, 2007

Were the Duke lacrosse players busy

Or didn't you want to meet any genuine victims of racism?

From The Town Talk:

Two of the teens enmeshed in the nationally known "Jena Six" case helped present the most anticipated award during Black Entertainment Television's Hip Hop Awards show broadcast Thursday night.

Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis were introduced by Katt Williams, a comedian and the awards show's host, as two of the students involved in a case of "systematic racism."

"By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down," Williams said during his introduction of the teens, one of whom is still facing attempted murder charges in connection with the attack on white student Justin Barker. "... But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal."

As Jones and Purvis walked onto the stage at the Atlanta Civic Center, where the awards show was filmed on Saturday, they were greeted by a standing ovation.

Sorry Katt, but when you give these thugs the honor of being presenters in an awards show you are condoning their actions.

Of course it is an awards show for Hip Hop and I guess they know their audience.