Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Islamic culture of death threatens the UK

From The Scotsman:

CHILDREN as young as 15 are being recruited for terrorist-related activity by al-Qaeda, the head of MI5 said yesterday - and he warned there are at least 2,000 in the UK who pose a threat to national security.

In his first public speech Jonathan Evans, the agency's director-general, said teenagers were being "methodically targeted" and recruited through the internet.

And he claimed resources which should be devoted to counter terrorism were being diverted to protect the UK against spying by Russia, China and others nations.

"As I speak, terrorists are methodically and intentionally targeting young people and children in this country," the Islamic extremism expert told the Society of Editors' conference in Manchester.

"They are radicalising, indoctrinating and grooming young, vulnerable people to carry out acts of terrorism," said Mr Evans, who took over as the director-general of MI5 in April.

His remarks came on the eve of the Queen's Speech in which ministers are expected to outline contentious plans to increase the length of time a suspect can be held without trial beyond the present 28 days.

Although Mr Evans side-stepped the impending political row, he laid bare the extent of the terror threat facing the UK. And he endorsed Gordon Brown's assessment that Britain was facing a "generation-long challenge" to defeat extremism.

He revealed there are at least 2,000 individuals who posed a "direct threat" to national security and public safety because of their support for terrorism. This is 400 more than revealed by his predecessor, Dame Manningham-Buller, a year ago.

The agency suspects there could be another 2,000 who they are unaware of, he added.

Mr Evans said he did not think the level of terror threat against the UK had "reached its peak" and warned recent attacks were not simply "random plots by disparate and fragmented groups".

He said: "The majority of these attacks, successful or otherwise, have taken place because al-Qaeda has a clear determination to mount terrorist attacks against the United Kingdom. This remains the case today, and there is no sign of it reducing."

Other countries such as Somalia were also being drawn into terror plots.

Mr Evans went on to claim that Russia and China's espionage in UK was hampering M15's ability to concentrate on terrorism.

He said it was a matter of "some disappointment" that MI5 was still having to deal with "unreconstructed attempts" at spying and revealed Russia still had the same number of undeclared intelligence officers in the UK as it did during the Cold War.

The two, maybe four, thousand potential terrorists in the UK are only the tip of the iceberg. You do not have 2000 - 4000 teenagers willing to go out and committ mass murder without an entire culture of death surrounding them and encouraging them onto that path.

The fact is that the majority of Muslims in the UK, who supposedly do not support terrorism, are doing nothing to make the problem any better:

Mohammed Shafiq, a spokesman for The Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim youth organisation, said it was concerned Mr Evans had not stressed the 2,000 suspects made up only a small proportion of the 1.6 million Muslim population.

He said the language was inflammatory and called for responsible dialogue.

See. Instead of reaching out to his fellow Muslims and telling them that they have a serious problem within their own community he claims that the government is making things worse by telling the truth. Even those Muslims who are genuinely appaled at the tactics of the terrorists agree with the terrorists ulitmate aims, bringing the UK under Islamic law.

As long as Western governments fail to understand that even the "peaceful" Muslims desire their destruction just as much as the terrorists they will have no chance of defeating the terrorists.

As for Russia and China they are the enemy. Get used to it. China wishes to become a superpower and challenge the United States and Russia stopped being the Soviet Union in name only.